Seeds are officially in the ground! The beds were prepped last week and the soil is now warm enough for some early spring crops. I carefully mined my seed collection to dig out some of my favorite veggies to plant.

After an hour or so outside, I sowed snap peas, sugar peas, semi-bush peas, beets, spinach, broccoli and kale all directly in the raised beds. I decided to use some discarded branches from my seasonal pruning to trellis the peas this year – like mini teepees. It should add a nice rustic touch to the neatly planted beds. Bigger branches were saved for runner bean teepees that I will plant when it gets a bit warmer.

This spring planting was a little different than years past because I had some company with me! Baby Juniper got swaddled up in a blanket, plopped into the baby carrier, and off we went into the garden to do our work. It takes her about five minutes to fall asleep from the gentle swaying as I walk around and work. But it was still fun to have her quietly there keeping me company as I worked.

The season is underway on our homestead, even with baby in tow. It feels so good to know that the beds are all ready to grow. Now I just have to sit back and patiently wait for those tender green shoots to emerge over the next week.

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