Spring is emerging from the sleepiness of winter and showing signs all over the homestead. What seeds are popping up in your garden? The snow peas above won the race on first to emerge.

Our cherry tree is in full bloom and the squirrels are all licking their paws waiting for the fruit to set. The tree is in decline and barely scrapes through each season. We’ll see if it can bounce back with a little extra TLC from us this year.

Tulips!! Is there anything prettier? My favorite springtime flower has multiplied all over the garden in the couple years we were away from the homestead. The bulbs were leftover party favors from our wedding years ago.

Naturally Juniper needed to meet these beloved, delicate friends of mine. Balancing the baby on the knee while taking pictures is not graceful, although no one got hurt.

Our European pear is starting to take cues from the cherry. The buds are beginning to swell. Maybe this will be the first year of fruit from the tree we planted five years ago?

Goodness, so much to juggle! Thesis, baby, an exploding garden… What are you juggling? What is blooming on your homestead? So much to do, but it’s so crazy beautiful outside at this time of year!

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Written by Renee Wilkinson