It’s hitting me more and more that in a few short weeks there will be a baby living here. The pregnancy has been great, but I almost just expect on some level to stay pregnant forever now. No so…

This weekend Jay and I attacked Bug’s room – putting in shelves, unpacking gifts from family and friends, and all around “nesting”. My mother made this gorgeous quilt with some very un-baby fabrics I picked out – something to balance out the other very baby-ish things in the room.

Our Eugene pals set us up with her very own pair of rubber boots. I feel like she will surely NEVER be this big, but I hear it happens before you know it. It’s waiting for her next to a natural wood rattle and some brightly colored toys.

I have been planning to paint a wall mural in her room and just went for it free-hand on Sunday evening. I am so happy with it! I’m planning to add maybe 2-3 birds in red and an owl in turquoise to finish it off. My feet were super swollen from standing too long, but it was so worth it.

And finally I spent some time folding all those little clothes for little Bug. It’s time to pack my bag for the big day, which includes her first outfit: a labybug onesie with matching hat. Cute overload!

It’s getting really exciting around here. Still lots of prep work to do in the garden before Bug arrives and forces me to take a couple months off from projects. But we’re as ready as we should be for her to come and turn our lives upside down in the most fantastic way possible.

UPDATE: Mural is complete! I am really pleased with how it all turned out.

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Written by Renee Wilkinson