Although I am in the midst of writing my thesis, I am already looking ahead toward June when I get to walk across that stage and accept my masters degree in landscape architecture. Focusing on graduating is helping my motivation stay strong amongst the many distractions around me – namely the baby kicking my rib cage.

Last week I had the pleasure of shadowing a great local firm, GreenWorks, for the day. They do lots and lots of work with stormwater and green streets, as well as fun public projects like parks and the new MAX line. We visited a few sites around town and got the impression that they were a really positive, supportive firm.

In part that has spurred me to revamp my design portfolio and get feedback from some of my favorite designers in town before baby arrives. (If you want to kill some time looking at pretty pictures, take a look at the link above.) It’s hard to know how baby Bug will change my life, but I have always been very career driven. After being home with her this spring, I am expecting to want to get out into the job work and make my mark.

My posts have not come as frequently over the last couple weeks because I have been pouring over my portfolio and jamming on my thesis. Just like the process of gardening, I’m planting lots of seeds this month and hoping it leads to something exciting this summer.

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Written by Renee Wilkinson