It’s a new era for us in our Portland house and time for some updates. We plan to be here for a while and want to enjoy the house as much as possible. But like many houses, there are things here and there that drive us nuts. With a baby on the way, we decided that if we don’t make changes now they will never happen. Exhibit A: our bathroom.

The most immediate change we decided to make was to our bathroom, where an over-sized sink was making a small space feel even more claustrophobic. My growing pregnant belly could barely make it in and out of the room. Jay dismantled everything in about an hour and we proceeded to brush our teeth for the next week in the kitchen.

We found a great, super narrow, Euro-feeling sink and cabinet from Ikea that turned out to be a great option for our skinny space. Of course, no project ever seems to go according to plan for us. Adapting a Euro-sink to our old 1927 house required a couple trips to the hardware store for this and that. But the hassle was worth it. For about $200 bucks we have breathing room and a functional sink space.

The next big change to the room was with paint colors. When we moved into our house six years ago, we painted every room a bright, bold color. Maybe it’s the recession or maybe it’s knowing our life will get more chaotic, but we wanted new colors that were calm and soothing.

Yolo Paint makes a gorgeous line of eco-friendly, non-toxic, no VOC paints. We chose “Nourish .03” for the wall color. Don’t you feel relaxed already just reading the name? It looks great on the wall and makes me feel like I’m in a spa.

A couple weeks of work and our bathroom is now a calming space we love with room for my expanding baby belly. One room down –  four more to go!

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Written by Renee Wilkinson