Graduate school gives you a shortage of both time and money. Yet somehow, my classmates in Eugene put together a super-sweet baby shower for us that I just have to share with you. The theme was “Springtime on the Farm” and they came up with the most adorable and creative ways to fill us with love before Bug arrives.

Exhibit A: baby chick cupcakes. I think I screamed with joy when I walked in and saw these cuties.

Exhibit B: tea sandwiches cut in the shapes of ducklings and chicks. Seriously? Cute overload in a big, big way.

Exhibit C: the decor consisted of thrift store farm animals, post-it notes cut into triangles to make little garlands, and yellow primroses. Crafty and creative!

Our hostesses planned a couple really great activities including a MadLibs game about our growing family. In proper fashion, the responses ranged from the sincere to the hilariously inappropriate. I would expect nothing less from this creative bunch.

Someone printed off color pictures of Jay and I. Scissors were passed around and everyone cut us apart to put together a picture of what our baby might look like. Hilarious and totally frightening! We of course loved it. (Dear Baby, please don’t look like any of these…)

One of my classmates taught everyone how to make an origami lily. People wrote a wish for our baby inside each one before they started folding. When we were done, they hung the lilies from a wooden hoop, making a really simple and love-filled mobile for our lil’ gal.

We were overcome with gratitude and are still recovering from the overwhelming thoughtfulness of this creative pack of rascals. What a lucky baby to have so many people to make her life colorful and filled with love.

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Written by Renee Wilkinson