There are little treasures of beauty peeking out of our winter garden. It takes some searching between the skeletons of fruit trees and shrubs to find them, but they are out there quietly shivering away. With a warm mug of chai, I bundled up to capture some of those lovely corners.

Artichokes, my favorite vegetable, make pretty winter flowers – little memories of their perennial contribution to the homestead.

We still hear birds chirping here and there in the evergreens, but the bird bath has been abandoned until Spring.

The ever-bearing raspberries have finally stopped producing fruit for the season. They keep encroaching on the pathways and will get a major thinning this winter.

A little tendril from the hardy kiwi vine sneaks down the pergola. The female and male vines cover the whole top of the pergola now.

Everything needs a heavy pruning and some plants need to be moved while they are dormant. Winter will let me delay the outside work so we can get the inside of our homestead back into shape. So sleep away garden! For at least another few weeks.

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Written by Renee Wilkinson