The holidays this year are something we are admiring from a distance, rather than actively getting into the spirit of. Boxes are still stacked like a maze in our house from moving and projects are lined up high. What we would do without our sense of humor about it all?

The duck coop is getting closer to completion and I suspect the final touches will be finished on Christmas Eve – expect an update early next week! When that project is wrapped up, we’ll work on painting the interior of our house with some non-toxic, no VOC paint. And when the paint is dry, boxes can get unpacked and we can relax.

We can’t let the holiday pass completely without some good food, so here are the easy recipes we are trying out this year:

It will be a low key holiday season for us this year, but we recognize this is the last of its kind. Next year there will be a baby sitting on the kitchen floor playing with pots and pans while I bake cookies to my heart’s content.

I hope you have a great holiday this year, however you celebrate and whoever you spend it with. As always, I would love to hear about your holiday and hope it’s filled with good food and good people.

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Written by Renee Wilkinson