Thanksgiving falls at a weird time in my graduate school schedule. It’s always the week before our final studio design review, so I’m cranking on drawings when most people are pouring over holiday recipes. The picture below is the world I live in right now: sketches, trace paper, tea and pomegranates (a little treat to keep me in my seat working).

The last few years we have hosted a small gathering with friends at our place. This year a friend is hosting, as things are too crazy right now between school, moving in a couple weeks, and being nearly seven months pregnant. (whoa momma!) We’re all bringing a couple dishes to share and the menu sounds amazing so far, in part because we’re all from different parts of the country with different specialties. Here’s the line up:

  • Herbed turkey with cornbread-sausage-apricot stuffing & gravy
  • Sides: crispy brussel sprouts, green beans with lemon & pine nuts, cranberry-orange sauce, yam empanadas and angel buns
  • Desserts: nut torte, apple cobbler, chocolate empanadas, pumpkin pie

Our hostess suggested we all wear sweatpants (amazing), try to stuff as much food in the preggo lady as possible (also amazing), and stay late by the fire playing guitar and singing (awesome). This is how Thanksgiving should be, right? People you love, delicious homemade food, and comfort.

I’m always curious how everyone else decides to spend the holidays. So, some questions for you:

  • Who do you celebrate with?
  • What old/new dishes are you making this year?
  • Should sweatpants really be allowed at Thanksgiving?
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Written by Renee Wilkinson