I have a huge project on the horizon that I have been carefully working on all summer. It explains a few odd things, like why the season has flown by for me and why I can easily eat a pint of cherry tomatoes several times a day. I’m growing a baby!

This may or may not be a surprise, depending on how much you read between the lines of my blog posts. And, frankly, you may or may not care because hey we’re here to talk about homesteading! That will absolutely continue, but we may also talk about homesteading while wearing a baby sling. And some of my canning recipes might become more kid-friendly.

As a first time preggo lady, I am discovering some really mind blowing things. First and foremost, my body is no longer my own. I slept through almost the entire months of June and July. Are you kidding? When it’s gorgeous out? When I have seeds to plant and weeding to do? I think it was nature’s way of breaking the news to me: I can’t get twenty things done in a day anymore. Slow down girl and take it easy.

I also learned what it’s like to eat only “beige” food. My body didn’t want the rich greens I normally eat during the first couple months. I wanted eggs, bread, peanut butter, hummus, grapefruit, orange juice and canned peaches. Thankfully those rough first trimester months are behind me and I can now inhale produce from every color of the rainbow outside.

My annual plans for pear cider changed this year to be plum wine instead. Turns out waiting 6-9 months for the wine to develop lines up just perfectly with the little one growing in my belly. By the time baby is out, I can have a glass of wine to celebrate.

The take away from all this? The blog continues and the modern homestead adventures continue. Expect an addition to the chaos sometime in early March and perhaps a couple week’s hiatus from blogging as I find my bearings.

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Written by Renee Wilkinson