We planned our meals pretty carefully during our week vacation in the high desert country. We wanted things that used produce in season and were easy to prepare. No one likes to be standing over a stove during their vacation time.

The place we rented had a grill, which was kind of amazing. We never really understood why people love grilling so much. Now we do. No dishes, super quick, and you can grill pretty much anything. There may be a grill in our future.

One of our favorite meals was shish kabobs made with fresh bell peppers, chunks of steak and mushrooms. We totally cheated on the marinade and used one of those mesquite packet things from the spice aisle. I have to admit that took it to an amazing level.

Our local butcher makes a lovely marinated skirt steak, or carne asada, that we grilled with walla walla sweet onions. We enjoyed that as fajitas another night. A big salad from accompanied every meal.

Not surprisingly, we made a huge batch of delicious egg salad from my early post for cool sandwiches on those hot days. Everything was super low maintenance and delicious with minimal time over a hot stove.

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Written by Renee Wilkinson