The two runner ducks we raised from ducklings this past spring have both started laying! Those first few eggs are always a little goofy looking. I went ahead and cracked them all in a cast iron pan to fry up for breakfast. You can see how the smallest egg doesn’t even have a yolk! They get a little bigger with each laying.

Our adopted ducks have been laying since we brought them home, but unfortunately I don’t think they had a nesting box at their previous home. They would just lay where ever outside – under shrubs, next to the kiddie pool, right in the middle of the backyard. It was like an Easter egg hunt every night…

After the first mini egg was laid, we kept the ducks in their run instead of letting them free range. We also moved one of Gladys’ eggs into the nesting box in their duck house. The next time we checked for eggs, all of the eggs were in the nesting box! I think the girls we raised from ducklings must be easier to train since they are younger.

Everyone is now free-ranging most days, but all are laying only in the nesting box. So happy the nightly egg hunts are over! We’re now getting anywhere from 3-6 eggs a day with our two flocks. I’ll let you guess what’s for dinner around here!

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Written by Renee Wilkinson