Oh my goodness, I am almost getting buried in the harvest this summer! The garden in our little rental house is productive, which is surprising considering how little work it has been. The broccoli has all come on at the same time and I’m barely eating it before it completely flowers.

Often I get asked to help people plan their vegetable gardens and I always start by asking them what they buy most often from the grocery store. This is a great reminder to grow what you eat frequently already. If I didn’t like broccoli and beets, I would be in real trouble right now.

I am watching the green tomatoes, pepper plants and eggplants like a hawk right now. We have had a really cool summer – which I am not complaining about – but that means a lot of things are late to ripen. I have four different tomatoes that I am eager to sink my teeth into. But a little patience and some hot summer days will get me there soon.

The late summer crops are not quite ready yet. The early summer crops are being harvested left and right. That probably means it’s time to pull out the spent plants and put in fall and winter crops. Is it that time already? Bak! Time is flying by…

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Written by Renee Wilkinson