Typically I go a million miles an hour trying to balance roughly 10 things at once while standing on my head blindfolded. I am happy to report, however, that my summer break from school and work has led me to discover the off button.

I am still doing little projects – writing, some book events, lots of volunteering – but I am for the most part abandoning a set schedule. The last time I had a summer like this was probably when I was fifteen years old. It’s taken a couple weeks to adjust, but I am there now. Here is a little compilation of a typical week for me.

Mornings include a fresh berry shake, soft boiled eggs and crusty bread.

Howard, our almost twelve year old greyhound, gets a walk and a rest.

I am eating bouquet after bouquet of artichokes, my favorite vegetable.

Weekend trips are sprinkled here and there, reconnecting with friends near and far. This particular friend came from very far. Currently from Pakistan, but before that Afghanistan, Iraq, Uzbekistan, Poland. I’m probably missing some in there.

And then volunteering at a local dog rescue called Luv-a-Bull cleaning kennels, feeding sweet dogs, and petting puppies. They have both big dogs (mostly pitbulls) and little dogs (many from death row in LA).

It’s summertime and the living is real easy around here.

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Written by Renee Wilkinson