It’s that time in the term. I am sleeping just enough… I am showering just enough… I am battling colds just enough… and I have a lot of drawing to do. That’s about all I can handle.

But to temper that, I am eating more than well enough. I cannot compromise on that point. I was explaining to a friend just earlier this evening how that works. When you live close to the land, it’s no longer an option to separate from it. I have to plant seeds in spring. I have to eat the last of the winter greens. I have to pick lilacs to fill the house.

Despite grad school woes, I am still harvesting early spring crops from the Urban Farm. I have been cooking up swiss chard with leftover bacon grease and hot chili flakes. I pack sandwiches with layers of spinach to give me the iron I need to power through these last couple weeks.

And for a moment between harvesting, I stop to admire the artichokes. One of the few perennial vegetable crops we can grow here in the Pacific Northwest. They look robust, healthy and give me promise that my favorite vegetable will be in abundance this year. It was a fairly mild winter and that means a season of plenty. I can’t wait til summer…

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Written by Renee Wilkinson