We visited our house in Portland this past weekend, which we are renting out while I finish my grad program. We planned on spending all day there working on weeding and pruning. The garden is in such beautiful shape though that we spent the morning doing light pruning and admiring what a healthy, lush garden it has become.

It’s amazing how a few years of carefully separating plants, taking cuttings from friends and carefully choosing colors and textures can totally pay off. Everything is just exploding! The apricot tree has fruit on it for the first time. It’s a late blooming variety that does well in the PNW.

The currants are just dripping in fruit right now. In just another couple weeks they will be turning red and black. We have about six of them in the front and back gardens. The neighbor boys get the ones in the front while we focus on harvesting the backyard plants for ourselves. I know our renters are excited to reap the harvest this year.

The fig tree is just now leafing out and I hope our current tenants get a nice harvest. They are falling in love with spending time out there puttering and it really shows. It feels so great to know it is being lovingly tended while I finish up school.

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Written by Renee Wilkinson