The fine folks over at Fulcrum Publishing are offering a giveaway for my book, Modern Homestead. All you need to do is comment on their blog or Facebook page offering one of your best homesteading tips.

Tonight at the dinner table I was talking with Jay about how I approach moving into new digs. Step one is to set up a compost system. The compost bin can quietly collect your food scraps and break them down as you slowly unpack all your boxes. By the time you are moved in and ready to start on the garden, you will already have a heaping pile of finished compost ready for the garden bed.

Step two is to plant an herb garden asap. Herbs are generally fairly cheap (especially if you use cuttings from a friend’s garden), they establish themselves quickly, can tolerate poor soil and many are drought tolerant as well. Plant an herb patch before you’ve hung pictures on the walls. In just a few months they should be grown in enough to spare some fresh sprigs for dinner time.

See, coming up with homesteading tips is easy as pie! The folks at Fulcrum will pick a winner and send them a free copy of the book. I would love one of my blog readers to win so I can hear what you think of the book. Leave a comment on their blog post or their Facebook page. Good luck and I hope you win!

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Written by Renee Wilkinson