Are you ready to see the cutest things ever? Meet our newest family members: four adorable Runner ducklings. We are just head over heels in love with these rubber-beaked beauties.

After much searching, I discovered the Urban Farm feed store in SE Portland was carrying a huge assortment of both chicks and ducklings. They somehow managed to get ducklings that were already “sexed”, which is amazing. Everyone else I talked to was selling them straight fun (meaning they don’t know if they are girls or boys). Their staff was helpful, friendly and they had healthy and perky looking birds.

Being a modern homesteading chick, I care about aesthetics in our backyard barnyard and therefore selected one duckling in each color. So we have one in black, chocolate, blue (grayish), and white/fawn. These upright gals will be quite the striking combo as they grow up.

Check out this short video I made of the ladies right after they moved into their temporary brooder. They have already up-sized to a larger rubber bin with pine shavings. I find that bedding works better than straw, since you can fluff it up more to keep it dry and clean.

Next week I will introduce them on their own and hopefully you can help me name them. Keep your eye out from another big announcement from me early next week! Expect a million more cute photos and some big, big news.

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Written by Renee Wilkinson