It has been a great week with our new homestead addition: the darling foursome of runner ducklings. They have grown really fast in such a short time, and it’s high time these ladies had proper names. What better place to go for ideas on names that you guys! I would love your suggestions. Let’s introduce them one at a time.

First up is the largest of the flock. She is going to grow into a white and fawn colored female duck, or hen.

Perhaps our most curious and friendly duckling is a midnight black color. I am temporarily calling her “Pepper” and we’ll see if the name sticks. It’s kind of deviating from my routinely old-lady-names, but that might be okay.

Our chocolate brown duckling will probably get deeper in color as she ages. So far she is the next in line for friendliest duckling, but we’re trying to handle them all frequently so they get used to people.

And finally we have our blue duck, which will grow into a blue-gray color. I am really excited about this little lady because I have always thought that delicate color is pretty cool. She is probably the skinniest of the girls, although they are getting bigger everyday. Currently she looks more tan in fuzzy feathers, but her blue-tinted nose gives her away.

Leave a comment with your name suggestions! Looking forward to sharing more duck tales as the weeks ahead unfold. (No ducklings were injured during the shooting of these pictures, but there were a few baby poops to clean up on the bed)

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Written by Renee Wilkinson