I am very excited to share the news that I wrote a book that will be released shortly! The book is called Modern Homestead: Grow, Raise, Create. The book is designed to give readers everything they need to know to get their homesteads up and running or expand their current homesteading horizon with new, fun projects.

My inspiration for the book came from you guys – this wonderful online homesteading community we have built right here. I started this blog initially to act as a resource for others on this modern homesteading journey. I wanted this to be a place where we could share projects, stories, tips and offer support when the homesteading road gets bumpy. I get questions and comments from novices to well-seasoned homesteaders, and I wanted  this book to extend that knowledge even further.

The book is divided into three main sections: growing your own fruits and veggies (siting the garden, all about soil and compost, starting seeds, etc), keeping urban livestock (chickens, ducks, milk goats, bees, and supporting native wildlife), and preserving the harvest (drying, canning, freezing, eating fresh). In addition, each section weaves in lots of ideas for getting involved in your local homesteading community.

Check out the interview I gave Fulcrum Publishing which has been posted on their blog. They ask some tough questions! Answering what my favorite part of the book is had to be the hardest one… There were so many parts I enjoyed writing and new projects I really loved building.

Hopefully you get a chance to flip through it the next time you browse your local bookstore or suggest it to a friend. Whether you are looking for inspiration on maximizing food production in your small space or can’t remember how long you to blanch your veggies before preserving, it’s a great resource for the novice and the pro. Thanks for your support!

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Written by Renee Wilkinson