Usually winter seems to drag on and on, but not this year. Time is flying by way too quickly for me right now. I’m forcing myself to slow down while the world continues to spin. It feels good, but it feels different from the frantic do-ten-things-at-once-pace that I typically operate at.

I’m not doing all the things I “should” be doing right now. I’m not staying up late every night working on school stuff. I’m not writing on my dear blog as much as I should be writing. After last year of blazing through things and being so impatient with time, I’m just trying to take a break to savor it for a bit.

Some friends and I went snow-shoeing recently up near Oakridge, Oregon. It was quiet, peaceful and a celebration of winter. We brought spirits and snacks to share with each other. I was grinning from ear to ear just being outside – embracing the stillness of snow.

We finished up the day at one of my new favorite places: the Brewer’s Union Local 180 in Oakridge. The English-style pub is a diamond in the rough. They typically carry about 4-5 homemade, cask brewed beers on tap. Be still my heart!

I can speak to their fish and chips being delightful. Their bangers and mash were not huge, but amazing after a long day of hiking in the cold.

The seed catalogs await my orders. Spring holds many new, exciting projects: baby chicks, possibly ducklings, possibly baby quail, and some other big news. But for now I feel like politely asking the Autumn Higan Cherry trees to save their blossoms for just a few more weeks. I’m done with this peaceful, quiet winter.

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Written by Renee Wilkinson