We made it back safe and sound to Oregon! Look for a couple more posts in the next week or two about the fun road trip we had heading back West.

We are renting a 1930’s bungalow just a few blocks from campus this year and I am excited to get settled. It has been over a year since we have seen some of our stuff, which has been in storage. I am already planning some canning adventures later this week, making another batch of hard cider, and hopefully learning to mushroom hunt this fall. Now if only some unpacking fairy can come over and finish dealing with all these boxes…

Meanwhile I have spent some long hours at our house in Portland, which is up for rent again. The yard was pretty overgrown, so taming the jungle back there to make it presentable has been getting my muscles back into gardening shape. The grape vines are both hanging with fruit and there are still some raspberries ripening in the Fall sun. If you know of anyone in Portland looking for a house to rent, send them this way!

I look forward to posting many more urban homesteading adventures over the coming year. It feels like last year I was trying to keep my head above water with school, writing projects, working and living apart from Jay. It feels good to be back to be back in a place that feels like home!

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Written by Renee Wilkinson