Okay, not totally. But after the first few days of moving into New York for the summer, I couldn’t help it. I couldn’t stand to have a perfectly sunny windowsill sitting empty. And fresh herbs from the grocery store never last as long as I want them too.

So I have the beginnings of a windowsill herb garden. Super simple – a basil planted in an unglazed ceramic pot. The window faces west, so it gets the heat of the day. That means I have to water it a bit more – like every other day. But there is at least one small corner of my world where I can brush my fingers over leaves and smell the deliciousness of summer.

Hopefully I can resist the urge to bring home an Italian parsley, chives and thyme. Those are my cooking staples. With only a few short weeks left of summer in New York, I don’t want to drive west with pots crowded in the backseat. So for now, just basil.

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Written by Renee Wilkinson