My life is in boxes right now as I am putting my belongings into storage and preparing for my cross country drive out to New York. I washed the car for the first time in about a year in preparation! There isn’t a single strand of straw flying around or spilled garden soil in my car – amazing!

I am living in Brooklyn for the summer and am excited to check out ultra-urban gardening there. The NYT has written a few articles lately on New Yorkers that cultivate mushrooms in abandoned lots, visit farms on weekends to put in a hard day’s work, and install rooftop farms. All pretty exciting stuff I hope to visit while I am there! I am also excited to become a short-term member of the Park Slope Food Co-op and spend the summer making slow food, practicing watercolors and learning to play guitar.

There are 3,000 miles standing between me and my little summer home in Brooklyn. My current plans take me down I-5 with a stop in Berkeley and Los Angeles to visit friends. We then head east, stopping to camp in the Grand Canyon, before landing in Oklahoma to visit family for a few days.

Jay flies back to work in New York from Oklahoma. That means I will be heading out solo for perhaps the only chance in my life to dilly-dally through the South. I think I’ll visit Austin, TX and then stop into New Orleans perhaps to watch the sad black oil wash up on the coast. I was thinking of heading through Savannah, Georgia, and then straddling the eastern seaboard all the way up to New York.

Have any suggestions for me? I would love to visit some historic gardens and cool urban farming sites. Other than that I have no real plans or any kind of strict schedule I need to adhere to. I know so embarrassing little about the South, but I am excited to see it.

You will still be hearing from me while I am on the road. I have a few posts about projects I wrapped up here in Oregon, plus I am hoping to give periodic reports on my travels east. I am looking forward to some quiet car time, fried southern food and exploring new places.

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Written by Renee Wilkinson