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Road Trip: 2,500 Miles

We hit the road from the Grand Canyon pretty early in the morning, eager to get further east and closer to family and friends who were waiting in Oklahoma. The original plan was to stop for the night in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The scenery was calm and we were in good spirits. A couple hours… Read more »

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Road Trip: 1,500 miles

Climbing out of Los Angeles, the road took us east toward the Grand Canyon. We learned early on that food on the road is really challenging. Unless you pack a cooler, which we really didn’t want to do, the options are limited. We ended up stopping at an In n’Out Burger on our way across… Read more »

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Road Trip: 1,000 miles

The first 1,000 miles of my summer, cross-country road trip took me from Oregon down through California to visit friends. We got an early start from Oregon and the nine hour drive went smoothly, with a few breaks for our dog Howard to stretch his legs. The first stop was in Berkley to see my… Read more »

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Garden Project Update: Easy Herb Garden

It was about a year and a half ago that I helped my mom with a barren area of her yard by planting an herb garden.  The back flower bed along the fence was full of weeds and she was very reluctant to plant anything. She was nervous about watering and any maintenance. Her soil… Read more »

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Annual Chicken Coop Cleaning

The chickens have been patient through a very wet, cold Spring in Oregon. Wet conditions in a chicken coop can often lead to increased chances of disease and bacteria, so a dry coop is important to build. Mine held up pretty well, but things still got soggy. I like to do an annual deep cleaning… Read more »

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The Road East

My life is in boxes right now as I am putting my belongings into storage and preparing for my cross country drive out to New York. I washed the car for the first time in about a year in preparation! There isn’t a single strand of straw flying around or spilled garden soil in my… Read more »

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Spring School Project

I can’t believe I made it through this year! School was wonderful, interesting, challenging – everything I hoped it would be. Jay living 3,000 miles away, taking on a huge writing project, and working side jobs complicated things a bit. I somehow managed to keep all those balls in the air and still have time… Read more »

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Stop the Starts

It is time for me to stop visiting plant stores and stop buying starts! My backyard garden is finally looking delicious enough to eat from, yet a magnetic pull continues to lure me into plant stores. I have more vegetable starts than I have room from. All this and I am moving in a week!… Read more »