Happy Birthday Blog

Three years ago today I started this blog, so happy birthday Hip Chick Digs! I was ready to revolutionize the yard at our new house. The front and back yard was covered in grass and I intended to replace it all with an edible landscape. After reading about permaculture techniques, I was all hot-to-trot on… Read more »

Swarming Season

‘Tis the season for bee swarms! Spring seems to be the most popular time of year for bee colonies taking it to the streets – moving out of the hive and into a temporary location until they essentially find a better home. This is referred to as the bee colony “swarming”, when they hang out… Read more »

Is It Just Me?

Perhaps it is just my own impatience this year, but it seems like everything is taking longer than normal to grow in. I feel like my garden at home and my beds at the Urban Farm are like a watched pot that is not boiling. I hover over the sown seeds and little transplants searching… Read more »

My New Gig

I have been a dedicated volunteer over the University of Oregon’s Urban Farm since moving to Eugene in June. This term I became an actual “employee” at the farm. The whole class has about 80 students who then get split up into smaller groups. My job is guiding about 10 of them in their journey… Read more »

Natural Woodland Cemetery

Last week my Plants class took a field trip to the local Eugene Masonic Cemetery to study some native plants and a little landscape history. The cemetery was built in the mid-1850’s by the local Masonic league, back when the fraternal organization of the Freemasons were at the height of popularity. They undertook several community… Read more »


Typically this time of year my kitchen table is home to many tiny vegetable seeds under a grow light, but this year I got a late start. I decided to direct sow most of my plants this year instead. Although we have had some sunny days here and there in Eugene, the temperatures have stayed… Read more »

Spring Greens

Oh, the wonders of a greenhouse! The Urban Farm has a pretty simple, plastic greenhouse that has been keeping me well-fed for the past month. This lovely photo is an abundant harvest from a couple weeks ago. Today we hauled out about twenty pounds of these fabulous greens. What we are looking at includes, starting… Read more »

Holy Garden Moment

I had one of those moments today in the garden. It happened during a quiet morning, as the sun was shining, my muddy clogs on and a cup of coffee in hand as I walked around through my makeshift garden. The moment was something calming. Everything was perfect, in its imperfect way, and I felt… Read more »