It is the perfect time of year to plant bare root trees in the garden! While the trees are sleeping for winter, consider what corners of the garden you can stick more fun fruit trees.

I’m dreaming about 5-way pear trees that produce five different varieties on the same tree. The multi-variety grafted trees are also a wonderful way to stretch out the harvest season on small urban plots. The nurseries are all brimming with wide varieties of fruit and nut trees and shrubs. As always, buy from a quality nursery you trust and I urge you to buy local when possible to support the little guys.

Planting bare root is done while the trees are dormant and they wake up in the Spring to their new home. Buying trees bare root is the most economical way to get purchase trees as well. Just be delicate with that root ball as you transport the trees.

When planting, dig a very wide hole so the roots can lay down and spread out around the truck. I have heard recommendations of about 6″ or less in depth. Hammering stakes down on either side and tethering the tree in the middle is not a bad idea. It will help the tree grow in a straight, stable manner during high winds.

Happy planting!

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Written by Renee Wilkinson