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Pearl: Rat Attacker Extraordinaire

Yesterday I had a couple sunny hours ahead of me before dusk, so I decided to tend to a few minor repairs on the chicken coop. The roof had been leaking in a couple spots and a damp coop can increase the likelihood of pests and disease infiltrating the coop. An even bigger issue, I… Read more »

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Problem Solver: Evergreen Huckleberry

Planning and planting typically keeps my mind on the garden even in winter. As I have learned, it can take years and years for a garden to really come into it’s own. The process I chose for my home garden was drawing out a planting plan for the trees, large shrubs and structures. As time… Read more »

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Bare Root Tree Planting

It is the perfect time of year to plant bare root trees in the garden! While the trees are sleeping for winter, consider what corners of the garden you can stick more fun fruit trees. I’m dreaming about 5-way pear trees that produce five different varieties on the same tree. The multi-variety grafted trees are… Read more »

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Egg Recipe: Kale and Potato Spanish Tortilla

A few years ago I lived in Barcelona, Spain, for about a year and I never tired of the simple Spanish tortilla – something more like a quiche and not at all related to the thin thing you wrap a burrito in. The traditional dish is typically made with olive oil, eggs, potatoes and not… Read more »

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Problem Solver: Salal

Salal is one of those Northwest natives that I have often heard people talk, but have never been familiar with it myself. In my Plants class this term, we are studying evergreen trees, shrubs and ground covers. We learned all about Salal this week and it is really a fantastic problem-solver in the garden. The… Read more »

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Winter Provisions

Food preservation is a lot of work at the time – you won’t find much disagreement with that statement. There are a few things you can do to lighten the mood, like canning with friends or enjoying a beer while you make your own homebrew. Due to my hard work this fall, my winter cupboards… Read more »