It’s time for me to spend the last of this year in New York, so I said goodbye to the Urban Farm a few days ago. Sure I’ll be back in January, but going away for the next few weeks without my favorite corner of Eugene made me a little sad to be leaving. I spent a chilly morning out there mixing compost and admiring the frosty vegetables. Before I left, I made some rounds taking pictures of the frozen, chilly vegetables.

This sentimental feeling kind of snuck up on me as I walked around. Maybe it came from the stress of wrapping up finals, or the relief that school was over. Perhaps it came from the realization that I was finally so close to boarding a plane to New York, to being with Jay again. It was six weeks since we saw each other last.

In a few weeks we enter a new year, a new gardening season. The seed catalogs will come in the mail and I’ll pour over them with a mug after mug of tea. It will be all planning, eagerness and anticipation. I’ll get seed pots ready and soil mixed.

But for one short morning, I wanted to capture the stillness of the Urban Farm in winter. Click on the picture to see the larger version, although this image only captures about 1/3 of the actual farm. It’s something to remind me that I have a place waiting for me back in Eugene.

Goodbye for now farm. I’ll miss you.

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Written by Renee Wilkinson