Winter waits for no one as I make a mad dash to fill these remaining canning jars. Sure there is school work, freelance work, writing projects, travel plans, Halloween costumes… But the canning season comes to an abrupt halt and I can’t bear to see those jars sit there empty all winter.

I’m busy canning some questionable tomatoes this morning. I bought them from the Eugene Farmer’s Market and they are a bit spotty, probably a result of some frost bites.

My weekend plans take me out to the nearby Mount Pisgah Arboretum to learn about mushrooms during their festival Sunday. A much different kind than the ones I learned about in high school… I’m hoping for a pit stop at a farm on the way back to stock up on pears and apples – another delicious canning project.

Forgive the short post, but the tomatoes wait for no one…

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Written by Renee Wilkinson