The race is on to turn my half barren vegetable plot into a success before the season ends. My transplanted tomatoes and peppers are doing very well. Of the seeds I planted, only about half actually survived. Partly that was probably due to a lack of consistent watering, or perhaps it was just related to the rock-hard soil I am trying to cultivate.

After spending another weekend at the Urban Farm, I noticed they just recently planted some melon seeds. There were also large flats of seed starts chilling under a shady spot. I have decided to give the seeds in my vegetable garden another shot. I replanted a few beets, carrots, lettuces, herbs and broccoli. There is another even more neglected vegetable plot in our backyard, overrun with weeds, that I decided to plant some melon and squash in. If nothing happens, there is not much lost.

Thank goodness I have the Urban Farm right now to offset what I am not getting from my own backyard. It pains me to actually pay money for zucchini and lettuces, especially in August when things are in full swing. I can’t change the state of the vegetable beds I moved into, but I can work some magic this winter to boost their quality for next Spring.

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Written by Renee Wilkinson