I am beginning to think Eugene, Oregon, may in fact be the plum capital of the world. It seems there is a plum tree in every other yard and they are just dripping with fruit! There are three or four alone at the Urban Farm, plus another four or five at a nearby abandoned lot. I have been actively sampling them all to find the best tree.

The skin of plums can often be a bit bitter, so it takes me awhile to find one worth fresh eating. I found a great use though for the others: plum bread! Letting them rest on the counter for a day or two after picking lets them over ripen a bit for use in baking. They get nice and juicy, and a little sweeter in my experience.

This is my favorite new recipe to make plum bread. I experimented with the first loaf by using the whole plum, rather than peeling it. I didn’t taste any hint of bitterness, which is great because I then waste less of the fruit and get more nutrients from the skin. The oven in this rental house is totally uneven and awful, but I have managed four loaves so far which have all been quickly devoured.

Happy baking and be sure to share any new, fabulous recipes you are using for seasonal cooking! I’m always looking for more.

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Written by Renee Wilkinson