Before leaving our house in Portland, I took a few snapshots of projects that have been allowed to grow. Remember when I found that ugly old brass dog kennel fencing? I took it apart and hung it on the outside of our house, hoping to the train the rose there to climb up the fencing. That post was written last Fall.

After a few months of the growing season, the fencing has been completely covered. After taking this picture, I did spend some time taming the crazy rose into a neater climbing pattern while wearing some heavy duty gloves. But this goes to show that ugly free stuff can still be cool free stuff if you have some time and creativity.

Also, here is an update on the container herb garden I planted this Spring. I used a black plastic container that was leftover from a tree purchase and I took divisions from existing herbs and transplanted them. Other than occassional watering, the plants have been somewhat ignored. Despite the neglect, I have this fabulously healthy portable herb garden right outside my kitchen door.

Foresight and time are the best conditions for gardeners to work within. These are a couple examples of that in action!

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Written by Renee Wilkinson