I hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend! We made our annual trip back to Oklahoma to visit the in-laws, but it was such a whirlwind this year. I arrived Friday evening for dinner and left Sunday morning after breakfast. While I was there though, I enjoyed some of the natural beauty in Lake Eufaula and wanted to share here.

In this part of forested Oklahoma, there are amazing rock formations:

I got to eat freshly fallen pecans, which just don’t like growing in the NW:

And I visited a lovely estate that has somehow managed to create a tranquil, Japanese-inspired, terraced garden into the hot Oklahoma climate. Although their garden is amazing, the owners admitted they spend all of their time watering. I was dying to tell them to consider native plantings instead, but bit my tongue and just enjoyed the space. All of that watering just seems like such a waste of time and resources. Planting natives means your landscape will be well-adapted to the climate, which means less time watering and fussing. It attracts the native wildlife, birds and insects that have evolved to be dependent on those native species.

The trip was good, but it was just so amazingly short. It was sandwiched between a large project I have in my studio course, which meant I had very little sleep leading up and returning from the trip. Hopefully I can make a long trip next time to fully savor those lightening bugs and peach cobbler.

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Written by Renee Wilkinson