After only being in our new house about a week, with boxes piled high in every room, I already felt overdue for planting a garden. Finding our clean linens, food supplies and shoes could wait. The sooner I got everything in the ground, the sooner I could enjoy fresh produce from my backyard.

I started by removed the cover crops that had not been turned under in the spring, to help keep seeds from spreading. The orange stuff on top is coconut mulch that a past tenant left at the house. I have never used it before, but the soil in this bed was so compacted and dry that I thought it would help hold some water in. Although I am usually a “no-till” method gardener, I did break up and turn the soil with some mulch before planting.

It’s not much to look at right now, so I made a diagram of the picture to show you what is planted where. The beans are planted along a wire trellis, so I am hopeful they will grow up and shade the beets. This weekend I’m planning to shove some squash seeds in the ground here and there as well – I just hope I am not too late.

The beans are already poking their heads up, which is so exciting! I am probably a month away still from enjoying them, but at least I am watching something grow. In the mean time, I am volunteering at the Urban Farm in trade for some fresh, organic produce. It has been helping to take the edge off my lack of a garden this summer.

Better late than never!

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Written by Renee Wilkinson