Last night I had dinner with Ruth Reichl. I didn’t just have dinner with her in the sense that we were both eating out last night in Portland. We were not just eating at the same restaurant. We were not just sitting near each other at a communal table at a small diner.

I had dinner with Ruth. She sat next to me and was one part of our party of six at dinner. We had a three hour meal. We talked about food, travel, the women’s movement, my chickens and more food.

I’m floating on a cloud this morning, the same cloud that carried me out of Beast last night around midnight and gently laid me down to dream complicated and bizarre dreams. Rich foods give me rich dreams. And a “real” post will come later today, complete with a picture of Ruth and I, which I managed to somehow overcome the embarrassment of asking for at the end of our meal.

At the tail end of my career in advertising, which is how I scored this awesome seat, last night was the highlight of my media career “perks”. It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience for this quirky gardening hippie chick. Amazing isn’t a big enough word.

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Written by Renee Wilkinson