Last year I tried an experiment with growing potatoes in tires and it seemed to work okay. Of the five varieties I planted, most seemed to produce a ton of potatoes in the first tire, a few in the second, and none in the third. I saved a couple of each variety from the harvest and decided to replant them this year.

The main reason I decided this method was successful enough to use again is due to the space-saving nature of growing potatoes this way. Our garden has become quite full and I don’t feel I have the space to grow ten mounds of potatoes. But I enjoy the diversity of harvesting russet, red, purple, Yukon and fingerlings from my own backyard.

I would love to say I will actually water them this year, but that is unlikely. Regardless, last year they gave me brilliant flowers July-September and I still walked away in October with an okay crop. One thing I can do better is staying on top of adding soil. Previously I added soil when the greens were roughly 4″, but many times they had gotten higher. This year I am aiming to cover them every 2″ in an attempt to stay more proactive.

Some day I will most likely recycle all of these tires and plant something perrenial and fabulous here, dividing the patio from the garden. Flowering quince, jujube, more blueberries are all plants I have envisioned here. But it’s a crappy economy and changes are around the corner. Maybe in a few years, but until then it’s potato time!

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Written by Renee Wilkinson