This is the first year where my vegetable garden has really been where I have wanted it to be by June. The tomato starts are all doing well, the arugula keeps trying to go to seed, the red mesclum mix lettuces are full, and the kale is enormous!

Outside the raised beds, the rest of the garden is doing well. Baby figs are developing, cherries are ripening and heads of artichokes are surfacing. I have already spotted little ant communes trying to to breed behind my cherry leaves. I sprayed them with dish-washing soap, which dries out their skin, and then hosed them off with a strong spray. Last year they infested my artichokes, so I’m keeping careful watch this year.

I think we may get to enjoy currants before we move! Along with the cherries, the black and red currants are usually the first fruit to ripen on our urban homestead. The ever-bearing raspberries won’t be far behind. We’ll make a transition from eggs in the morning to pancakes dotted with berries.

Well, it’s off to my last day in an office- at least for the next three years. It is suppose to be sunny and in the 80’s all weekend. I can’t wait to wake up Monday morning, roll outside, and spent all day working in my favorite place – the garden.

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Written by Renee Wilkinson