Yesterday I enjoyed my first cup of coffee at a crowded local bar, watching the inauguration unfold and history be written. It felt to good to be out in the crowd sharing the anticipation and rejoicing together. I spent the rest of the day walking around in an Obama cloud.

I thought his speech was great and am completely guilty of taking a picture of the tv. I know there are better pictures, but this is a memory for me – that I was there with everyone else, glued to the tube.

The press kept talking a lot about how this is the first Black president – like a lot about it. And that’s understandable and a huge step for America. In addition, this was a momentous day for me because President Obama is the first president to make me feel like we can make a serious difference and get back on the track we walked away from little by little for decades. This is the first man to make me cry during political speeches, to motivate me to help our country, and to remind me in such a moving way that we have faced harder struggles than today and we were able to prevail.

This is a man that can teach us patience, tolerance and humility – something hugely lacking of late. This is a man who could motivate a country to tear up their lawns and grow victory gardens again. Whatever the next few years hold as we make up for the mistakes made over the last several years, I feel like we all have a new father for the country and I trust him, something I’ve never felt for a president.

Welcome President Barack Hussein Obama!

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Written by Renee Wilkinson