Harvesting January

Everything outside is either dead or sleeping (well, except the chickens of course), but we are nowhere near empty here on our little urban homestead. The last year of canning, drying, freezing and cold storage has left us with tons of options still for eating local, organic produce. I wanted to share just a couple… Read more »

Winter Chickens

It’s been awhile since I’ve written about my flock of urban chickens, who have been quietly keeping toasty during this unusually cold winter. We had a spot of snow again last night, so I checked on the girls this morning. When the temperatures drop below freezing, we make sure they have thawed water and fluffy… Read more »


Yesterday I enjoyed my first cup of coffee at a crowded local bar, watching the inauguration unfold and history be written. It felt to good to be out in the crowd sharing the anticipation and rejoicing together. I spent the rest of the day walking around in an Obama cloud. I thought his speech was… Read more »

Driveway Project Complete

The driveway is done! This project would typically take about two weekends to build, but we had a snow storm roll through town and my grandfather passed away. Now that we have had a couple weeks to recover from those things, it took very little time to finish up the job. My goal was to… Read more »

American Victory Gardens in World War II

For those of you who commented on my last post or emailed me asking to read the research paper I wrote on Victory Gardens, here you go! Keep in mind this is a short research paper, so it is a little dry. My favorite part by far was reviewing the reseearch material. Those old, yellow… Read more »

Growing a Victory Garden

Recently I have been working on a small research paper about the history of Victory Gardens in the US during World War II. As an advocate of edible urban gardening, be that cultivating a grass-less yard to beekeeping to urban chickens, Victory Gardens mark an interesting time in our history where I feel my advocacy… Read more »

The Best Cracker

Nothing ruins fabulous cheese like a bad cracker or toast. The cracker flavor can overpower and distract from the cheese or, on the opposite end of the spectrum, contribute nothing to the flavor sensation you were hoping to achieve with a expensive wedge of artisan cheese. Recently I attended a dinner party where I tasted… Read more »