Snow covered drivewayIt’s a winter wonderland in Portland right now. Yesterday we made tremendous progress with the driveway using pavers. I had about 1/3 of the concrete blocks set into place when it just got too cold, with this biting chill in the air, for me to continue.

I assume that 90% of the time when snow is forecast for Portland, the news channels are just trying to boost ratings and it most likely won’t snow. Which is why I assumed we resume work this morning on the driveway. Then I woke up to the picture here. We can’t really set the blocks into place when we’re adjusting them on snow, rather than directly on the gravel and sand base.

So instead I am working away on some other projects and cooking a big pot of lentil soup. I ran outside to frantically take pictures of the backyard, and I apologize at how jumpy they are when assembled into a panoramic. But damn it’s cold outside! At least for the mild blooded northwesterners.

Now, where did I put those Christmas cookies…

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Written by Renee Wilkinson