This weekend was wonderful. Not because I got a lot done in the garden, but because I sat around at home and in the neighborhood with my two favorite people: Jay and my nephew Evan. We enjoyed the garden, ate lots of arugula and tomatoes from the garden, but this was a weekend of falling back into the groove of life rather than frantically trying to get everything done.

Evan and I spent Saturday afternoon walking through town taking pictures of fall leaves. We stopped for a picnic lunch and grabbed some apple cider from the coffee shop. We made lots of home cooked meals, many with butternut squash and apples. We had a movie party in our pajamas with Empire Strikes back and huge bowls of popcorn. There were big, late breakfasts where I cooked and the boys cleaned. It was just a leisurely, peaceful weekend.

Outside the potatoes desperately need to be harvested. I’m afraid they might rot in the wet ground if I wait too long. The temperatures are dropping quickly at night, so I need to grab those last green tomatoes. And the veggies under my cold frames need to be watered. But you know what? There is always next weekend. This was my “welcome home” weekend.

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Written by Renee Wilkinson