Last night I took the red-eye into New York City. I am here all weekend for work, but I decided to torture myself with a little sleep deprivation so I could have a bit more time to explore the city. This is not my first time to the city, but I think it would take a lifetime to see all things there are to see here. Every visit I can chip away at my never-ending list.

I have always wanted to see a true autumn in New York. Last year when I was here at this time they were undergoing a weird hot spell. I remember walking around a midnight, or later, with no need for a jacket from all the muggy heat. This year the leaves are starting to turn brilliant shades of yellow and red, which I had a couple hours to enjoy this morning with a long walk through Central Park. What a great time to be here.

It’s the city that never sleeps, but I have to admit how eager I am to call it an early night. I have a fabulous dinner ahead of me and an early bedtime to catch up on all that missed sleep. Hopefully I can be motivated enough tomorrow to spend a morning at the Met before my work cuts into the my time here. I’ll be happy to go home Sunday night, but I am looking forward to that rush of energy and some fabulous food while I am here. If you don’t hear from me the next couple days, you know where I am.

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Written by Renee Wilkinson