Meridian ParkSunday we drove up to Seattle and back for a NW Garden Bloggers meetup. It makes me feel like a huge nerd to say that out loud – partially because I think I sound like a nerd when I say I have a blog, and partially because this demonstrates my obscene obsession with plants and anyone who wants to talk about them with me. So it’s kind of a double-whammy in that one short description of how I spent part of my Sunday.

Seattle Tilth GardenWe were the only ones from Portland that made the drive, but it was worth it to meet such lovely people. An added bonus was the location of the meetup, at Meridian Park which is also the location of the Seattle Tilth demonstration gardens. They have a really great public garden there with detailed signs allowing you to take a self-guided tour. I saw examples of five different composting systems, espalier fruit trees, cover crops, companion plantings, plastic row covers for heat-loving plants, etc. Really encouraging to see something like that in the middle of town.

Green TomatoesIt was also encouraging to talk to NW gardeners and exchange woes. None of us seem to have any ripe tomatoes to speak of, which may be due to our late frost this Spring. Or maybe just cooler temperatures this summer. Everyone’s zucchini seems lackluster as well. I feel lucky to have planted all my yellow crookneck squash, lest I be completely squash-less this year.

Thanks to One Green Generation, Crunchy Chicken, and (not so) Urban Hennery for organizing the event! Nice to meet you all.

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Written by Renee Wilkinson