Healing Herbs

“There are no worthless herbs, only the lack of knowledge.” -Chinese saying I’m sick and spent most of the day laying in bed trying to rest. On a sunny day, it pains me to be so incredibly unproductive. But I’ve had a mild fever and shaky body, so I don’t exactly have much choice. I… Read more »

Seattle Meetup

Sunday we drove up to Seattle and back for a NW Garden Bloggers meetup. It makes me feel like a huge nerd to say that out loud – partially because I think I sound like a nerd when I say I have a blog, and partially because this demonstrates my obscene obsession with plants and… Read more »

One Man’s Trash…

…is often treasure to me! I come from a nice, long linage of cheap bastards. I don’t skimp on things I deem important: cheese, good denim, expensive plane tickets to exotic lands. But I do skimp on an array of seemingly random and vast things. For example, I don’t feel like I should ever have… Read more »

Favorite Zucchini Recipe

Tonight I discovered my new favorite zucchini recipe, and it couldn’t have come at a better time! We were away all weekend and came home this afternoon after a 4+ hour drive, starving and ready to eat something healthy. I poked around the yard and found enough produce to fill my largest ceramic platter. The… Read more »

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