Twenty-nine years ago today, at about a quarter to midnight, I decided to get this show called life on the road. Today I will be out celebrating with good food, wonderful friends, trips to farms and the most amazing karaoke experience outside South Korea. The recap of this spectacular celebration will follow sometime soon.

I am pretty proud of where I have come over the past year. Today I can say that the people in life are the most intelligent, adventurous, and supportive friends I could have hoped for. My passion for gardening has grown wild and uncontainable. I’ve had a year full of random and wonderful adventures.  When I stretch myself thin between things, it’s because I find so many things immensely enjoyable.

Sometimes I wonder if someone can only have so much happiness in life. But I hope I am wrong. I hope I can look forward to many more years of enjoying every ounce of this world. And this year I have learned an important lesson – that sharing those highs and lows in life so openly and honestly with the people who are close in my life is the only true way you can live a full life. It’s the only way you can open yourself up to feel this amount of happiness.

And this makes me a very fortunate birthday girl today.

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Written by Renee Wilkinson