My garden is very much a work in progress. One of the elements lacking in the landscape are clearly defined pathways. They just seem like so much work to build though, especially for something I won’t actually receive any direct benefit from. Afterall, I know where everything is, where to walk and not walk, etc. But my lovely friends, and sometimes even Jay, are not quite that familiar with everything.

Rather than spend actual money on materials, I have been using broken pieces of concrete to construct pathes. We had to tear up a concrete strip when we put in the large patio, and those broken chunks have come in handy on this project. If I were really doing an organized job, I would dig out the pathes, install some sort of edging barrier, fill with gravel, then place in the concrete slabs. But I feel like that is way too much work, so instead I just dug out the pathes and dropped down some concrete.

The finished product looks great, in my humble opinion. The path winds slightly, so you can’t quite see what’s around the next bend, and it leads to a small circular patio under the birdbath with blue star creeper planted in between the cracks. Unfortunately, I ran out of concrete though and still have more garden paths to build! I let the concrete kind of fade out, so when I extend it the two sets of materials can blur together through the transition.

Whatever I decide on needs to stay relatively in place with the chickens scratching around and I am still determined not to spend a whole lot. So far I can only think of stones as an edging with gravel packed in the middle. I have seen really cool things like empty wine bottles placed upside down into the soil, but I think my liver would give out from drinking enough wine to accumulate enough bottles. Feel free to share your brilliant path ideas!

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Written by Renee Wilkinson