MuddyClogs began as a casual garden journal for me, but over the last year and a half my needs have grown and I no longer fit those shoes. I will continue writing my blog about the budding food forest, urban chickens, and quirky Portland life as a hip chick digging life on an urban homestead. Moving to a new website just allows me to do that in a richer way.

I will now be able to post new things while I am away on vacation! You can see what I’m currently growing in my garden. And if you are into it, you can follow me on Twitter and keep track of my photos on Flickr. Who knows what else we can do together!

Make sure to update your bookmarks, CSS feeds, blogroll, etc with this new address. My old blog address will start automatically forwarding you to my new home here. I am sure this website will evolve a lot over the next couple months. Thanks for making the transition with me!


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Written by Renee Wilkinson