This evening I had the delight of discovering a fresh new egg from one of the younger ladies. It’s hard to say without stalking the hen house whether it was Maude or Florence, but either way I am very excited. Unfortunately the little egg had a little hole on one end. I think this can happen during the first couple eggs, as their system gets all the kinks worked out. Because the egg had an opening, I had to dispose of it rather than eat it.

For some reason Pearl stopped laying eggs sometime last week. I’m not sure exactly what day because I was out of town, but we haven’t seen an egg from her in several days. The temperatures were high last week, so I wondering if it is heat related? Or perhaps Steve’s announcement of his malehood all week was giving Pearl added stress?

The new little egg was a light peach color and quite small. They should get bigger over the next week or two. I am eager to have our counter colander be filled with delicious, multi-colored, homegrown eggs again. I went to make dinner tonight and had to adjust my meal plan – no eggs to use!

I have also been harvesting heaping piles of produce lately, which means lots of new recipes to experiment with from my harvest cookbooks. Can’t wait to share the goods soon!

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Written by Renee Wilkinson