In a flurry of adventurous ambition, I volunteered to help out at a few different events this summer. There was the Foster-Powell (Fo-Po) Garden Tour. Then I signed up for the Lents Farmer’s Market. And finally the 5th Annual Tour de Coops. All of these are events here in Portland.

The Fo-Po Garden Tour was a fun, smaller event. A few people came through the yard, half of which I knew. But it was fun to show strangers and friends alike the things I spend my weekends doing. And it was serious motivation to finish the patio.

Last Sunday was the first day I helped at the Lents Farmer’s Market, and that was a really good idea. I keep telling myself I have no reason to shop at any farmer’s market because I have all the produce I need in my own backyard. But after helping at the market, I saw several reasons to show up every Sunday.

First off, snow cones. Who could NOT use a snow cone on a hot Sunday afternoon? Next, goat cheese/meat (can’t remember since I just saw “goat” and got excited). Sourcing your meat/cheese locally is a great way to support the local farmers. And then the plant stands. I didn’t know they sold plants at the local market in Lents, and herein will be my downfall… Calla lilies, hostas, all kinds of lovely perennial beauties. Plus annual veggies and flowers, in case you are behind out back.

Tonight I met with other local chicken-keepers to discuss the upcoming Tour de Coops. I have to admit – I am totally excited for this event. I only hope enough people come through and talk chicken to deliver on how excited I am for this event. We didn’t get a lot of time to talk amongst ourselves after getting the downlow on the event itself, but it is SUCH a relief to see other young, hip chicks raising chickens in the city. These are the elusive women I want to swap garden starts with, talk about our failing crops, and exchange seeds with. Is that so much to ask?

And, although completely unrelated, I passed my motorcycle road test today and that makes me as happy as a clam in high tide. It was really, really hard. And I am feeling really, really proud of myself for all my awesome accomplishments this summer. And it’s only halfway through!!!

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Written by Renee Wilkinson